About Us

Since its inception in 2004, Azzurri Concrete has grown by adopting a continuous improvement philosophy and learning how to do things better from each project undertaken. Azzurri then incorporates these gained experiences and knowledge into practice.

Our company has seen the demand for a professional approach to the Concrete Construction Industry and has acted on this. Azzurri Concrete has continually invested in resources, both equipment and personnel that enables us to provide higher levels of service to our clientele.

Estimating your project is an important factor in being a successful contractor. Our team of estimators have over 30 years of International Construction experience which are backed up by degree qualifications in civil engineering. This assists our clientele with the ability to provide an in depth and comprehensive Bill of Quantities. A step by step process of reviewing drawings and liaising with project managers makes the difference in having greater confidence with Azzurri Concrete. Our company will achieve in meeting with your budgets and ensure there are no hidden costs associated with your next project.

Furthermore if we are able to implement cost savings or improve the design to provide a higher quality finish, we’ll be more than willing to put our years of experience and knowledge at your disposal.

Our commitment in training our employee’s is evidence that Azzurri Concrete is taking steps to improve our industry through enrolling our junior employees into TAFE for Concreters Certificate III. Our more senior employee’s in the OH&S Site Supervisors Course, St. John’s Senior First Aid Course, we have our own in-house OH&S Return to Work Coordinator and our own OH&S Representative.

However, the most important training we value is the experience our employees gain from one another in practice on site working as a team.

Azzurri Concrete recognizes in order to have co-operation between employer and employees there needs to be effective consultation and communication. Our company consults with our employees to ensure effective implementation of our WH&S Policies and Procedures. This ensures the continued health, safety and welfare of our employees.

On site operations are overseen by our multi -skilled Operations team and also our Concrete Pumping team. Their commitment in providing customer satisfaction is second to none. Our ability to work in with other trades and site managers ensures that all milestones and a high standard of works are achieved. Quality control is an important factor, Azzurri Concrete provides a generic Inspection & Test Plan to its clientele prior to each pour. The implementation of the ITP with our experience and knowledge put into practice on your project; is a guarantee that leaves other concreter’s second to Azzurri Concrete.

Azzurri Concrete has invested heavily into new and modern machinery, for example Somero SXP Laser Screed, which can screed up to 5,000 square metres per day, easily moves around obstacles on the job site and needs only perimeter forming when placing slabs on ground. That means more floor is placed daily and construction programs are satisfied or actually shortened. Fast track production, high quality, and cost effectiveness are all direct benefits of utilising the Somero Laser Screed.

Azzurri Concrete and its existing clients are built on a sustainable business relationship and they can assure you of our commitment. We hope you can also join our extended list of successful projects. Should you wish to get into contact with our Referee’s or view any of our many references please do not hesitate to contact Azzurri Concrete today.