Company Profile

The Short Story

Azzurri Concrete was formed in March 2004 by a group of construction industry professionals all with a successful record of achievement and expertise in the field of Concrete Construction and Concrete Contracting. Since its inception, Azzurri Concrete has grown by adopting a continuous improvement philosophy and learning how to do things better from each project undertaken. Azzurri then incorporates these gained experiences and knowledge into practice. From humble beginnings in Western Sydney, Azzurri Concrete has seen the demand for a professional approach to the Concrete Construction Industry and Concrete Contracting and has acted on this. Azzurri Concrete provides Concrete Works and concrete contracting services in the retail, commercial, industrial & infrastructure sectors in NSW . We value building sustainable relationships with our clients and envisage becoming a leader in the Australian Concrete Construction Industry. Azzurri Concrete’s objective is complete customer satisfaction by providing unparalleled services to our clients. With a highly skilled team of concreting professionals, extensive equipment and a commitment to quality the Azzurri team are determined to become an organisation which sets new industry benchmarks.


Azzurri Concrete management as well as its employees actively subscribe to a set of core values to bolster the way we conduct business. We focus in improving our systems and procedures. The management and individual employees are committed to the highest form of integrity. We respect all people and their views regardless of their descent or ethnicity. We will continually strive for excellence in everything we do. With these core values, we will gain trust and confidence from our clients in order to achieve all our goals.


Our management team is composed of highly capable individuals, with skills and expertise in many areas including project management, construction management, estimating, architecture, safety, engineering, finance, planning, operations management, transport logistics, concrete contracting and technical concrete knowledge. Azzurri Concrete believes strongly in ongoing professional development and our employees are provided with opportunities to gain new skills, knowledge and abilities which assist with their professional growth and development. We have a team of highly motivated supervisors, well-trained foremen, leading hands, carpenters, concreters, and labourers. Health, Safety, and Welfare of our employees and operatives have been the highest priority of Azzurri as after a days work we wish all our team to arrive back at home safely and healthy. By providing highly skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen, a skilled, resourceful and motivated management team and many years of industry experience, Azzurri Concrete aims to be the concrete company by which all others are judged.

Azzurri Services

The Azzurri Concrete Group provides a full range of Concrete Placement and Concrete Contracting Services including, Steel Fixing, Form-works, Concrete Pumping, Concrete Saw Cutting, Kerbing, Joint Sealing, Floor Sealing, Concrete Curing, Concrete Finishing, Supervision of Concrete Works, Construction Joints Supply and Placement, Quantity Surveying and Equipment Rental

Azzurri Quality

Azzurri Concrete has established and maintains in-house quality control procedures, work method statements and risk assessment policies. Our management team are dedicated to ensuring works are always completed with the utmost efficiency and integrity. We employ Quality Assurance and Quality Control at three stages for all type of works; before the work commences, during the execution, and after completion. This has driven us to develop Inspection Test Plans (ITP) as our Supervisor’s guide during the execution process. This ITP comes with our internal checklist formats, which could be adjusted depending on the Client’s requirement.


Azzurri Concrete supports the global initiative for the development of green buildings. By developing partnerships with our clients, Azzurri Concrete will be a leader in achieving environmental objectives. We will take leadership in Energy Conservation and will design, implement, and support the use of greener construction materials and other products. We will always be an advocate in maintaining a sustainable environment and commit ourselves to high quality standards of workmanship,


To have our team come home after work in the same condition as which they left is the simple safety goal we have. We strive towards safely delivering our projects and we strictly implement safe work methods and conduct regular tool box meetings to consult with our workers to achieve these goals. The management team is determined to look after the welfare of its employees, and will ensure that everyone works and live in a safe and healthy environment. We promote the safe well-being of our workers and will ensure that they come and leave the work site in good condition for the both their own sake and also that of their families.

Azzurri Service Pledge

The commitment of the entire Azzurri Team is to provide the highest quality concrete placement and concrete contracting services, efficiently and at a value for money investment, using all the skills and knowledge within our organisation to provide the highest benefit to those who are wise enough to engage our services