Concrete Finishing

Azzurri utilises modern machinery, techniques and resources to deliver high-quality and durable concrete finishes. Our professional finishing techniques assure outstanding reliability and the highest level outcomes for clients.

Azzurri Concrete has many years of experience in delivering a large variety of concrete finishes based on the clients needs and include:

  • Laser Screed screeding achieving a fine tolerance within ±0.5mm.
  • Edging for round or beveled edges.
  • Broom finishes to provide slip resistance.
  • Burnish finishes for industrial durability.
  • Ride-on Trowel Machines.
  • Saw cutting to control shrinkage cracks.
  • Complete and quality concrete curing.
  • Concrete Colouring through Pigments.
  • Class 1 and Architectural Finishes.
  • Toppings and Surface Leveling.
  • Joint Sealing/Corking.
  • Surface Sealing.


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